Fiago: The best atmosphere can often be found outside the top 5 leagues 🙌🏻😁

Fiago is a very popular football Tiktoker and YouTuber who has taken his enthusiasm and knowledge of football to social media and has gained a large number of followers around the world. Commenting on matches, reporting and filming fans from, interviews with football greats, as well as overall knowledge of football and fan history and culture from around the world, and promoting lesser-known leagues, clubs and fans is something that defines him.

He started his involvement in social networks 9 years ago and currently has the greatest popularity on TikTok with about 816 thousand followers.🤩

What made you fall in love with football? 🧐

I used to play football with my grandpa as a kid but the Hamburg team in the 2000s was what really made me a fan. Players like Ivica Olic, Mladen Petric & Rafael van der Vaart!

Can you name more of these? 😂👇 #football #soccer #footballplayers

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How did you start devoting attention to the game on social media, and why?

On Instagram in 2014/15, I was checking the posts of football meme pages every day and regularly had football debates with other users in their comment sections so one day in October 2015, I was a bit bored during school holidays and said to myself: Why don't I create a football account myself where I can share my opinions with more people around the globe? That's when it all started. 😎

Which football game you attended did you like the most, and why?

Wow, tough question. I enjoyed so many games, but the best experience was probably Real Madrid vs Man City in the UCL semis 2022. When Real got that unbelievable last minute comeback, we were in one of the first rows to watch it. I'll never forget this special night. 🤩
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Whose football culture do you like the most, who do you think are the best European fans and, who is the most overrated?

I think most big, rich Champions League clubs actually don’t have a great atmosphere anymore, all the real fans can’t afford the tickets anymore.😵 The Bundesliga and to some extent Serie A are exceptions in the top 5 leagues. Premier League fans are the most overrated. But the best atmosphere can often be found outside the top 5 leagues, like Greece, Turkey, Poland, Scandinavia or also Serbia! 😊

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What do you like and what do you dislike about football in Europe the most?

I love that football in Europe is so big it brings people from different social, religious or ethnic groups together for the same cause - supporting their team. Wherever you go in Europe, people love football.💞 What I don’t really love is the growing commercialization of the game, taking it from its fans with growing prices for tickets, TV subscriptions etc.

Do you like the new CL format? Do you think the Super League project will succeed eventually?

I'm not a fan of UEFA’s new UCL format but also understand the criticism for the Super League, even though I see it a bit more neutral than most fans. I think the Super League has some good ideas and if they adapt the system to make it more open for smaller clubs, it can definitely succeed.

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When are you coming to watch the eternal derby between Crvena Zvezda and Partizan?😁

That's on my bucket list! I’ve seen the crazy atmosphere, flares & chants in videos, I need to see it in real life.😎 Heard the next one is in March. Let’s see if I can make that…

Do you think the football culture or sports in general are influenced more positively or negatively by social media?

It goes both ways. Social media sadly makes hate & racism easier to spread which is a big problem in sports, but on the other hand it also allows us fans to support our players & clubs in a much closer way & make football more transparent to fans. ⚽

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How did you like the commentator role you had recently? Do you have any new plans for your career in the future?🧐

As someone who grew up watching the Bundesliga every weekend for more than a decade, it was a dream come true to commentate the first match of 2024. I hope people enjoyed it too so who knows, maybe you’ll hear me more often on the mic in the future. 😜

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Will Hamburg return to its glory days soon, or at least the Bundesliga? 

I know I say this every year but this season it’s time, PROMOTION! Honestly I’ll be so happy to just finally see HSV play in the Bundesliga again I don’t even mind how we do there, but sure it’d be amazing if we could get back into the European spots and a big club & city like Hamburg has the potential for it. Maybe in 5-6 years…☝🏻

What game is the most addicting, Football manager, FIFA, fantasy football, or maybe even football tic-tac-toe? 

For me back in the days it was FIFA, but now it’s definitely fantasy football games. I still play EAFC every now & then with my friends though!

What city has the best nightlife and celebrations after the game? Do you typically go for a beer or something stronger? 😁

🤣🤣🤣 That depends on the game! I always enjoy the Spanish cities, in Barcelona & Sevilla we had good fun. In Germany, Cologne & Hamburg are the best for partying. If HSV get promoted this summer, I’ll definitely get more than just a beer. 😂🍻

Be honest you didn‘t guess this Top 10 😂 some iconic clubs 🤌 #ucl

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Who will win the EURO?

I don’t even want to say it especially because the EURO is in Germany, but sadly I believe England are favourites this time…

Message for our readers?👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Serbian football fans, I love your passion for this game, the players you produce (Kostic 💙) and how you support your local clubs, never change! Hopefully see you soon at Marakana or Stadion Partizana!😎⚽

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